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30-45 minutes






Numbing cream / Lidocaine



None / Bruising / Swelling



I know, this sounds far too good to be true. But we’re living in the future now, folks, and there really is an injection out there that will quite literally dissolve fat. The secret ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by the body and is a constituent element of bile. It works by breaking down fat cells, which can then be carried out of the body through the lymphatic and renal systems. You’ll see deoxycholic acid being used almost interchangeably with sodium deoxycholate in the formulae of these injections, the latter is the salt form of the acid and differs only in that it is more soluble in water.

Fat dissolving injections are a non-surgical solution to minimise and remove stubborn localised fat. Destroying the fat cells is a long-term solution provided you retain a stable weight by eating healthily and exercising as usual. Leading to a permanent reduction of fatty tissue; once removed, fat cells will not reappear!

The lipase fat dissolving solution is a permanent treatment to break down fatty deposits beneath the skin. Perfect for stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to exercise in those 'problem areas'.


Treatment Areas:

✰ Jawline Contouring ‘Double Chin’

✰ Underarm / Back Bra Bulge

✰ Arms ‘Bingo Wings’

✰ Stomach ‘Belly Pouch’

✰ Abs Contouring ‘Six Pack’

✰ Upper Abdomen

✰ Waist / Hips ‘Love Handles’

✰ Inner / Outer Thighs

✰ Buttocks / Upper Thighs

✰ Male Chest ‘Man Boobs’

A reduction can be seen after just 1 treatment, however 3-8 are recommended for optimal results.

Safe & Effective Fat Reduction


​WHAT IS FAT DISSOLVING? I know, this sounds far too good to be true. But we’re living in the future now, folks, and there really is an injection out there – a flab jab, if you like –  that will quite literally dissolve fat. The main ingredient is a lab made version of an enzyme that is naturally produced by the body and is used by your body to break down fat cells. This is injected into your chosen treatment area so the dissolved fat cells can then be carried out of the body through the lymphatic and excretion systems. ​ The treatment is recommended for stubborn, localised fat deposits. So, if you have a double chin that won’t go away with diet and exercise, then fat-dissolving injections are a great option for you. Fat dissolving injections are not designed for treatment of large areas or will for whole body fat loss. They are injected into a targeted treatment area and will dissolve the fat in that area only. ​ ​

HOW DOES FAT DISSOLVING WORK? The science behind this doesn’t make for easy reading if you don’t have a medical degree and a dictionary to hand. In broad strokes, the acids used are a ‘secondary bile acid’ whose role it is to break down cells so that their contents can pass through the body’s digestive system. It does this by compromising the integrity of cell membranes, allowing the interior of those cells to be broken down in the process known as lysis. This creates a lysate (a fluid containing the contents of these broken-down cells) which can be processed through the body and excreted as waste via the lymphatic and renal systems. ​ ​

DOES FAT DISSOLVING HURT? During the actual treatment, you’ll receive a number of injections using a syringe. If you find needle injections painful, you can have some numbing cream beforehand to desensitise the surface of your skin. Once the needle is in, the injection of the product itself is surprisingly low pain considering that this is acid going into your tissue. This is because to make sure there’s no discomfort, your practitioner will use a fat dissolving formulation that includes a local anaesthetic. ​ A few hours after the treatment, the injected area will become swollen and may be uncomfortable however most people are able to go straight back to work despite the sensitivities. Expect moderate pain without any anaesthetic  (like a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10), but be aware you might be one of the unlucky ones. The swelling can take a few weeks to come down, but the good news is that the pain doesn’t last as long as the swelling. ​

WILL FAT DISSOLVING INJECTIONS WORK FOR ME? ​The degree of success is highly dependent on use of the correct formula and injection technique, as well as proper patient selection. ​ We will begin with a full consultation and assessment of the treatment areas. Ensuring you are a good candidate we encourage you to follow the aftercare to achieve great results. This includes a daily massage of the treatment area - this will help spread the solution into more fat cells providing better results and also to ensure you are drinking enough water. As you drink more this will help to flush out the destroyed fat cells and we find patients who do not drink enough water will not get as good results. The results from the fat dissolving injections are permanent however if you then have a high calorie diet you will grow more fat cells in their place in the future. Therefore we recommend this treatment as part of a healthy lifestyle. ​ ​

IS FAT DISSOLVING SAFE? Understandably, there’s some healthy scepticism when it comes to injecting a fat-dissolving acid into the body. You wouldn’t want it dissolving anything else, would you? We use a formula containing phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid which are backed up by clinical studies and has a good safety record. ​ However, do bear in mind that, used incorrectly, these acids will not only munch through fat, but also other tissue in its path – in medical circles, this is known as ‘non-specificity’ – so it is vital that you do not use this product at home and it is only handled in our clinic by your practitioner who knows precisely what they’re doing. ​ ​

HOW LONG DOES FAT DISSOLVING TAKE TO WORK? The procedure itself doesn’t last that long at all. If it’s a small area you’re having treated, then expect to be in the chair for 15 minutes or so. However, for your first appointment please set aside ample time for the consultation we can establish whether this is the right treatment for you. ​ You also won’t see the results immediately – the body has some work to do before then – so you can only expect to see results after 4-6 weeks. While some people may get the full results from a single session, more often than not you’ll need a course of treatment to get the final result you’re after. 3-4 sessions, 4-6 weeks apart, is by no means unheard of, so you could be looking at a few months before you see the results you want. ​ ​

HOW LONG DOES THE FAT DISSOLVING EFFECTS LAST? Here’s the best news: it is permanent! Unlike cryotherapy treatments that only shrink the fat cells, fat dissolving injections leave the fat cells they have come into contact with completely destroyed. This is the ideal, of course, because the creation of new fat cells is far more effort for the body than filling up and stretching out ones that have just shrunk, which all means that – bar some serious overindulgence and unhealthy living – you can say goodbye to those fat deposits for good. ​ ​

ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS TO FAT DISSOLVING? Yes, quite a few, I’m afraid. It obviously varies from person to person, but I’ve never heard of anyone not experiencing the following to some degree: ​ Swelling – and this ranges from moderate to severe swelling. It appears within a few hours of treatment and lasts a few weeks, so this is the big one to bear in mind, particularly since you’ll probably need to have a few rounds. Localised heat at the injection site and redness (erythema) – everyone gets this, but it’s not too bad. It sets in within a couple of hours of treatment, however the worst of it will subside after a few days/ Pain – expect at least a moderate level of sensitivity for a couple of weeks after treatment. Itching – the level of itchiness is distracting, but not maddening, and it goes away when the swelling goes down. Bruising – this doesn’t happen to everyone, but as with any procedure involving needles there’s a risk of bruising which should subside within a week. ​ The following side effects are much rarer than the above, but you need to be aware of them: ​ Hardening of the treated area – along with the swelling, you may find the area becomes unnaturally hard (as in the underside of your chin could feel as firm as the back of your hand), however this is temporary and disappears after a few weeks, around the time the swelling goes down. Please massage the area daily to disperse the product so it can hit more fat cells. Inflammatory nodules – these are small growths of tissue that can crop up at the injection sites and feel a bit like tiny bits of gravel, they’re invisible to the naked eye and don’t hurt or cause discomfort, but they are noticeable to the touch. Numbness – again, a rare one, but it can happen and is more prevalent in treatment of double chins, however you’ll regain sensitivity in the same time it takes the swelling to go down. ​ ​

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