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45 - 60 minutes



4-6 weeks



Not required






A Medifacial is a dermatology grade facial treatment that is designed to resolve or reduce specific problems with troubled skin using products from our medical grade skincare collection. Facials can be used for general skin health as well as specific skin conditions. Dermatologist created, our medical grade skincare delivers outstanding results targeting your concerns such as acne (or acne like conditions), pigmentation problems or sun damage. Effective formulas using advanced ingredients and innovative technology provide results driven facials with remarkable visible results without irritation.


First you will have a skin consultation and discuss your skins health or any concerns with your skin therapist. The therapist can then recommend the Medifacial treatment suitable for your skin. You will be able to relax by laying down and listening to some calming music while your skin therapist takes care of you.



As you know, dermatology is the branch of medicine that covers diagnosing and treating skin disorders.

A dermatology grade facial is a facial treatment designed to resolve or reduce specific problems with troubled skin. Dermatology grade facials are also called a Medifacial or Medical Grade facials. Regular facials are sometimes referred to as Spa facials or Classic facials to differentiate them from medical grade skincare and treatments.



There are three key differences between a medical grade facial and a normal facial.


A medifacial:

  • Is more intense than a classic facial. A medifacial typically includes stronger treatments intended to solve specific problems.

  • Involves medical grade skincare. This is much stronger and effective than the skincare used in a classic facial or with products you can buy over the counter.

  • Is more uniquely customised to your skin’s needs. After examining your skin to determine your skin’s problems a customised facial treatment plan is created to resolve or improve them.




A relaxing age defying facial for clients starting to show the signs of ageing that infuses the skin with core active ingredients to protect and regenerate, dramatically improves lines, brightness, texture, pores and protects from environmental ageing together creating a more youthful appearance. 


The brightening facial is perfect for people who suffer from unwanted pigmentation such as dark circles around the eyes, sun spots / damage and generally uneven skin tones. This treatment will lighten and brighten for a radiantly flawless result.


A complete nourishing facial to restore vitality to dull, flaky and compromised skin. Lavender essential oil, aloe, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E formulas deliver deep hydration.


The acne facial clears acne and prevents new breakouts, minimises pore appearance, whiteheads and blackheads, fades scarring left from old acne. It helps lessen redness, smooth skin texture and even skin tone.


The pore refining facial uses deep cleansing actives which work to shrink pores from within while rebalancing botanicals smooth, calm and clear the complexion.



An advanced facial for mature clients focusing on deeper lines and wrinkles using salicylic micro-exfoliators for enhanced dead cell removal, glycolipids and vitamin E and F which provides an instant glow and smoother, plumper skin.


This treatment helps strengthen the skin, reduce inflammation, rosacea breakouts and desensitise your skin to rosacea triggers preventing rosacea progressing to more advanced stages.


A customisable brightening facial designed to prevent photo damaged skin, melasma - the 'mask of pregnancy' and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation caused by acne lesions.


A gentle and safe facial for expectant mothers, combining chamomile and ginger essential oils, peptides and brown algae extract to hydrate and soothe leaving skin feeling luminous and irritant free.


This facial is suitable for people undergoing all phases of cancer therapy including recovery and survival. A safe and soothing treatment to help recover the skins appearance, manage and improve the changes skin undergoes during and after therapy.



Yes, these facials work. After a medical grade facial, your skin will appear clearer, brighter, and smoother. Depending on the components of the facial, your skin may also appear tighter or lifted.

A medical grade facial should give you better results than a classic facial because it is customised to deal with your skin’s problems.


Combing our medical grade skincare we use the following advanced technologies to achieve desired results:


  • Ultrasonic

Dislodges and removes dead skin and debris from the skin creating a smoother,

brighter appearance.


  • Radio Frequency

Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Refines skin contours.

Stimulates collagen and lifts and tightens the skin.


  • High Frequency Ultrasound

Pulsating high frequency ultrasound vibrates essences deep into the skin,

gently massaging cells, promotes metabolism, increases cell viability and

improves blood and lymph circulation.


  • Hydrogen Rejuvenation

H2O2 combined with active essential oils is delivered into the skin via highly oxygenated ions for a refreshing a hydrating spritz.

  • Cooling Hammer

Calms the skin, Shrinks pores, Relieves symptoms of sensitivity. Promotes collagen hyperplasia, eliminates redness and fades dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  • LED Mask

Uses a range of wavelengths and colour spectrum cycling to improve the appearance of your skin. 

Red (640nm) - Deep repair, increases skin elasticity, reduces pigmentation, whitening.

Blue (415nm) - Remove acne, inhibit bacteria, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory.

Yellow ( 590nm) - Replenish skin energy, improve wrinkles and enhance immunity.

Green (532nm) - Lighten spots, skin calming, rebalancing

Purple - Improves fine lines and skin whitening.

Cyan - Deep metabolism and oil control.

White - Combined wavelengths for a seven colour light overlay.

Discover our individual LumiSKN products used in our range of MediFacials with the link below:



There are two main reasons to get a medifacial rather than a classic facial:

  • Your facial skin has problems that a classic facial alone cannot resolve.

  • You suffer from any conditions that make a classic facial inadvisable. For example, if you have severe acne or rosacea, you shouldn’t have a regular facial, but a medifacial may be beneficial.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the health and appearance of your skin, advanced medical-grade facials are the way to go. With all the latest skin care technology and products that are available for use, facial treatments are some of the best ways to fight the signs of ageing and damaged skin. Plus, medical-grade facials are performed by qualified aestheticians who are professionally trained experts on skin care. All advanced medical-grade facials are fully customized to your unique skin type and condition for optimal results. If you’re serious about maintaining or improving your skin, read on as we outline all the benefits of medical-grade facials and how your skin can drastically improve in as little as one session.


  • Removes toxins

Facials work to clean toxins, dirt, and grease that have built up over time and moved deep into the pores of the skin. The use of cleansing creams, exfoliators, and massaging techniques are designed to help open the pores and remove the dead skin cells while cleaning both the surface and lower layers of the skin. You can achieve many benefits for your health and complexion including a more tightened and firm appearance.


  • Improves circulation

You can say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles as facial devices help to clear up dry skin, bringing your skin back to life. Medical-grade facials also work to increase the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the skin cells that, in turn, enhances the absorption of nutrients and water to the skin. Your skin will be instantly hydrated and will appear full, supple, and healthy.


  • Increases collagen

Several facial treatments and enhanced techniques can help to slow the aging process and increase the collagen production in your skin. By using ultrasonic, radio frequency, high frequency ultrasound, hydrogen rejuvenation, LED mask and cooling hammer, our skin technicians work to remove any dead and damaged skin cells and increase your skin’s collagen and elasticity. This is an excellent anti-aging treatment to help your skin look more youthful.


  • Addresses skin problems

You don’t have to suffer with feeling embarrassed about your skin. Medical-grade skin care products and treatment options are clinically designed to address concerns with hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, sun damage, age spots, under eye circles, pore size, and other skin concerns.


  • Non-invasive

Another benefit is that facials are non-invasive repair treatments that utilise tools and techniques to allow deeper skin penetration and better absorption of nutrients, and anti-oxidants before going to more extreme treatments such as injectables or surgery.



How long the effects of a medifacial last depend on the components of the facial, but usually 4-6 weeks is normal.

Your practitioner will recommend repeating the facial at a suitable interval, such as once every month or once every three months.



After a medical grade facial, you’ll need to follow the practitioner’s skincare recommendations in order to get the best long-term results.


The details will vary depending on your treatment, but here are some examples:

  • Wash your face gently. For the first few days, be careful when washing, because your skin may be sensitive.

  • Avoid face scrubs and exfoliators. Don’t use scrubs or exfoliators until your skin has recovered from the facial.

  • Go easy on the makeup. Let your skin recover before applying heavy makeup.

  • Wait a day or two before working out. Working out vigorously may irritate your skin.

  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is good not only for your body but also for your skin.

  • Avoid sun exposure. Your skin will be more vulnerable to the sun after the facial, so use SPF50 religiously and avoid direct sunlight.\



We have a selection of MediFacials to choose from which combines professional medical grade skincare with advanced technologies.


Acne / Age renew / Advanced age renew / Brightening / Deep Hydration / Oncology / Pigmentation Prevention / Pore Refining / Pregnancy / Rosacea




Even though a medical grade facial includes more challenging components, it should have minimal side effects. Immediately after the facial, your face may be flushed or reddened and may feel warm or hot. These side effects should pass within a few hours.

MediFacials, when performed correctly, remove dirt and germs from pores while also improving the overall appearance and feel of your skin. However, there are some side effects that are uncommon but may be experienced. Before doing any procedure, we do our best to ensure it is suited for your skin type. Here are a few typical side effects that some individuals may suffer after a facial:

  • Irritation and Redness

The most typical side effects of a MediFacial are having some redness and blotchy skin. This is typically related to the exfoliation pressure and any extractions or substances used during the treatment. Your skin  should be allowed to recuperate after your treatment so we advise you not to wear makeup or use any other products on your skin for the first day or two following your facial. We advise you to schedule your treatment three days before any major events so your face can have time to dissipate any redness.


  • Breakouts

Steaming causes the blood vessels in your skin to open up (vasodilation) which in turn increases your circulation, when combined with manual extractions will move blockages to the surface of the skin. The combination of massage and steam acts like a decongestant, encouraging sebum and oil up and out of your skin, which can manifest as a small breakout if you’re unlucky. The ingredients used can also exacerbate this effect. As your skin goes through its renewal process, it can bring more congestion to the surface. But don’t despair. This is a good thing and it means clearer skin is on the way. Essentially, it might not be that your facial is causing a breakout. It’s more that it’s bringing to the surface what is trapped beneath your skin.


  • Dryness

One of the primary goals of a facial is to exfoliate the skin and bring the freshest layer of skin to the surface. However, if you have more sensitive skin, exfoliating too vigorously may leave the skin feeling dry and sensitive. If you are prone to sensitivities, you can avoid any dryness by using a mild, fragrance-free moisturiser. Avoiding the sun after a facial is also recommended since UV rays can further aggravate dry skin.


  • Avoid Complications With a Proper Consultation

A consultation is a process of determining skin type, benefits, and potential contraindications to offer the appropriate treatments. We will collect a medical history, learn about your existing skin regimen, and establish objectives for improving your skin.

During this time, please disclose any medical history regarding skin health, any diagnosed skin diseases and any allergies that may produce anaphylaxis, rashes, itching, or redness. Tell us any information about your skin type, such as whether it's normal, dry, oily, or combination. Also if you have had any treatments in the past and any problems encountered with previous facials.

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